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Has the pandemic stopped you from changing jobs? Should it?


Has the pandemic stopped you from changing jobs? Should it?

If you were considering a career change in early 2020, you were probably feeling very fortunate in some respects that you decided against changing. The modern world has experienced many challenges, the financial crisis, Brexit in the UK and EU and many political changes that have had an impact. The global pandemic was very different and affected many more people emotional and physically with no previous lessons to learn from.

Fast forward 12 months and while we are still dealing with strong undercurrents, the general feel is different and the world has adapted. Why is now different to 12 months ago and is now a good time to consider change?

The market outlook is vastly different. The recent PwC Global CEO report analyses how 500+ CEO’s from around the world view the market conditions from 12 months ago to now. While they all agree that the threats and challenges are different, they also agree that this has also been the catalyst for opportunity, and that now is a great time to seize it.

Remote working: 12 months ago most organisations were ill equipped to support occasion working from home, let alone the full workforce. Since then, companies have mastered on-boarding, socialising and positive engagement with employees through technology. When the restrictions begin to ease in different regions, most organisations are reporting a hybrid model. Some are reporting a fully remote model. So if you are waiting until you can start seeing people face to face before making that change … you could be waiting a while!

Digital technology is booming: Right now there is a wonderful opportunity for people to challenge themselves and advance their standing if they work in a niche IT discipline.  Digital transformation is at the front of most CIO and CEO conversations but also for talent, recruitment and people officers. Make the most of your opportunity as a subject matter expert before the landscape changes and new talent pools emerge or are developed.

What the last 12 months has really been able to demonstrate, is how much a company cares about its people. What have they done to support wellbeing, your workload, and more importantly just to be there when you needed them? Some companies have really enhanced their reputation in this department and some have found it more challenging. How has your employer done?

If it wasn’t right 12 months ago, chances are it isn’t now. Be brave and follow your gut. The market is in a far better place than most people realise.

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