almost 2 years ago by Hanne Hall

8 Tips for Your Next Virtual Interview


1. Test Your Technology:

Combining Teams / Zoom meetings, home schooling and a variety of other challenges, more often than not, video meetings tend to start and finish promptly.

Have you downloaded the right software?

Have you tested your mic and speakers?

If you are using Airpods, are they connected to the device that you intend to use?

Do you have access to a power source?

2. Keep Your Virtual Identity Professional:

Now is not the time to unleash the name that you are known by in friendship circles, a gaming name or any other name that distracts from you and your personal skill set …. Unless you know that it is going to be beneficial of course!

3. Dress for Success:

Potential hirers want to see the professional you, the one that could be leading client engagements in a post COVID world. Looking sharp gives confidence to the hirer that you are taking the opportunity seriously, take pride in what you do and have a positive impression of the opportunity.

4. Monitor Your Body Language:

It is very difficult to replicate the in-person body language that we’re all familiar with e.g. handshakes, etc. However, be mindful not to appear too casual with your body language e.g. sitting too far back on a chair, too far from the screen … or even too close. Sitting on a comfortable chair at a sensible distance from your screen will keep your posture positive and allow for good eye contact and positive body language.

5. Rid Yourself of Distractions:

Not all distractions are easy to remove … your family for example! However, social media, e-mails, phone calls, WhatsApp can all wait. If you are in a house with others, set the scene and ask that they provide some privacy. There are so many more distractions available – but keep your focus on your audience.

6. Set the scene:

Are you near a window? Will you blind your audience once the sunshine breaks through the clouds? Do you have any personal items in the background that you’d rather not have on display?

If you are intending to use a background filter, keep it really simple. Most importantly, if you used a background filter on your last call … make sure you change it before your next!

7. Final preparation:

Now that you’ve tested your tech and freed yourself of any distractions, time for the final touches.

Have some notes ready for the interview – examples that you want to ensure that you speak about, background info on the people/person that you are meeting, relevant company detail … and of course your own questions.

You can pin these on the wall behind the screen or have them on the table in front of you … your interviewer will never know.

Keep a pen and paper ready to take any pertinent notes and come armed with a glass of water. You would in a regular interview.

8. Enjoy it:

For most it is a peculiar first experience, but it will probably be the same for the person that you’re meeting. Keep any creature comforts out of sight but nearby, try to relax and enjoy the experience. 


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