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Planning to Recruit in 2020? Here's Why You Should Start Now

Planning to Recruit in 2020 Here's Why You Should Start Now

The final quarter of the year is upon us, but before we can start to look ahead to Christmas tree’s and festivities, there is the small task of planning for next year! If expanding your team is a top priority for 2020, this is why you should start your recruitment now.

The run up to the end of the year is always very busy, typically people will have time off over Christmas making this period feel even shorter. There will be many projects that need wrapping up, deadlines looming and deals to close, so adding recruitment into this already chaotic mix can seem daunting. However, in order to get the best start to 2020, you need to find time in your diary to start the processes now.

It is industry norm for candidates to have a 3 month notice period. Under normal circumstances, calculating the time for the interview and screening process and adding their notice period; if you start recruiting now you are quickly nearing a December/January start. However, in the final quarter, your candidates will be feeling the squeeze as much as you are. This could mean a longer interview process due to sparse availability, from both parties. That considered, potential start dates are already disappearing further into the future, delaying the quick start you were hoping for 2020.

The landscape tends to heat up in the final three months of the year as many organisations are maximising their headcount allowances before an inevitable slow start to the recruitment year. Here at StaffHost, we have noticed a considerable spike in recruitment activity in October, November and December meaning the competition for the best candidates will also intensify.

If you are hoping to hire people for the new year, in the year, you may want to re-consider your approach. The conditions are more difficult in January with so few people available to either attend or conduct interviews. The same can also be said of February and March as the pressure ignites for companies working towards a March/April financial year end.

With talent being at the heart of all organisations and the shortage of skills only set to increase in 2020, ensure that delays in recruiting the right people aren’t slowing down your plans. For short, mid and long term hiring, please get in touch today to see how StaffHost can help you get 2020 off to the best start.


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