2019 European Cyber Security Events
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2019 European Cyber Security Events

2019 European Cyber Security Events

There's a lot of exciting Cyber Security conferences in Europe for 2019.

These conferences will give you the opportunity to learn from the experts and take advantage of peer-to-peer discussions and networking to develop new ideas and get the information you need to address current and future cyber security issues.

We've put together the most comprehensive list that you'll find, covering all of the big European events taking place throughout 2019:

January 2019

Date: January 11th - 12th​

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Event: Disobey Conference

Description: Disobey wish to encourage hacker culture and bring together like-minded individuals at a gathering to share information and to train the skills our adversaries use against us. The goal is to foster a vibrant community of creators, makers and breakers. They value encouragement, creativity and sharing and believe everyone can teach us something about the world.


Date: January 12th​

Location: Roma, Italy

Event: BSides Roma

Description: Each BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space and time. It creates opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. It is where conversations for the next-big-thing are happening.


Date: January 13th​ - 19th

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Event: Principles of Secure Compilation (PriSC)

Description: Secure compilation is an emerging field that puts together advances in programming languages, security, verification, systems, compilers, and hardware architectures in order to devise secure compiler chains that eliminate many of today’s low-level vulnerabilities. The goal of this informal workshop is to identify interesting research directions and open challenges and to bring together researchers interested in working on building secure compilation chains, on developing proof techniques and verification tools, and on designing enforcement mechanisms for secure compilation.


Date: January 14th - 19th​

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event: SANS Amsterdam

Description: SANS is recognised around the world as the best place to develop the deep, hands-on cyber security skills most needed right now.


Date: January 30th - February 1st

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Event: Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP)

Description: As a world-leading multidisciplinary conference CPDP offers the cutting edge in legal, regulatory, academic and technological development in privacy and data protection. Within an atmosphere of independence and mutual respect, CPDP gathers academics, lawyers, practitioners, policy-makers, industry and civil society from all over the world in Brussels, offering them an arena to exchange ideas and discuss the latest emerging issues and trends. This unique multidisciplinary formula has served to make CPDP one of the leading data protection and privacy conferences in Europe and around the world.


February 2019

 Date:  February 4th - 6th, 2019

Location: Ghent, Belgium 

Event: Configuration Management Camp

Description: Configuration Management Camp is the event for technologists interested Open Source Infrastructure automation and related topics This includes but is not limited to top Open Source Configuration Management , Provisioning, Orchestration, Choreography, Container Operations and many more topics.


Date: February 6th - 8th, 2019

Location: Stuttgart, Germany 


Description: The IT Defense program is always a mix of very technical lectures, strategic presentations and entertaining speakers on IT security. This event is ideal for IT security officers, developers, administrators, network managers, IT managers, IT security officers, data protection officers, auditors and hackers who want to exchange views and seek contact with the industry's big names. 


Date: February 7th - 8th, 2019

Location: Munich, Germany

Event: MANUSEC Europe

Description: Connectivity, automation, complex global supply chains, and data-rich production cycles indicate that the era of ‘better and faster’ is here. But how to keep these rewards safe from cyber threats? The European Cyber Security Summit for Critical Manufacturing (ManuSec) unites senior IT and OT security leaders to find the answer.


Date: February 12th - 13th, 2019

Location: London, England

Event: The European Information Security Summit (TEISS)

Description: TEISS 2019 will welcome over 100 speakers from around the world for two days of high-level presentation, panel sessions, round-table and workshops.

This year, we are focusing on key themes and challenges faced by CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, Heads of Information Security and other senior cyber security professionals. 


Date: February 12th - 15th, 2019

Location: Pisa, Italy

Event: Italian Conference on Cybersecurity (ITASEC)

Description: This year will gather Italian researchers and professionals working in the field of cybersecurity, from both private and public sectors, including academia, industries, research institutions, and government.


Date: February 13th - 14th, 2019

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event: HackCon

Description: There are three pillars relevant to information security: Digital elements, Physical elements, Psychological elements. At HackCon, we see the necessity of all three pillars together. It doesn't help having firewalls, IDS/IPS and all sorts of technological implementations, if you're missing physical security. And it doesn't help with technical and physical security if your employees are tricked by social engineering.


Date: February 15th - 16th, 2019

Location: Berlin, Germany

Event: OffensiveCon (Offensive Security Conference)

Description: OffensiveCon Berlin is a highly technical international security conference focused on offensive security only. The aim of OffensiveCon is to bring the community of hackers together for high quality and deep technical talks, engaging and renowned technical trainings. The talks at OffensiveCon are focused on offensive IT security topics such as vulnerability discovery, advanced exploitation techniques and reverse engineering.


Date: February 19th - 20th, 2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Event: Rail Cyber Security

Description: Now in its 4th year, the Cyber Senate Rail 4.0 Cyber Security Summit returns and will take place on February 19th and 20th in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This two day executive forum will include presentations, case studies and multiple cross-disciplinary panel discussion sessions.


Date: February 20th - 21st, 2019

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Event: NordX

Description: The first edition of NordX will highlight the region’s core cyber security issues. Senior IT leaders will gather to discuss challenges, critical issues, cost-effective solutions to data protection, current and upcoming cyber threats, the implications of government regulations, the adequacy of our existing protective measures and to debate the best practice guidelines. NordX is a CPD Certified summit, brought to you by Qatalyst Global.


Date: February 27th - 28th, 2019

Location: Switzerland, Fribourg

Event: Swiss Cyber Security Days

Description: The SCSD includes a forum with designated national and international speakers, an exhibition with technical know-how and competent solutions as well as a networking platform. Around 2,000 visitors are expected, including around 30% executives from all sectors of the economy. The keynote speech by Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer of F-Secure, is already awaited with great excitement. Anyone who has ever been able to experience a contribution by Mikko knows how quickly he can inspire his audience and at which high level his contributions are.


March 2019

Date: March 4th - 5th, 2019

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Event: International Conference on Big Data & Data Science

Description: Exploring the issues on work related factors, innovations and integrated approaches towards data mining & analysis. The speakers are a multidisciplinary gathering of globally perceived specialists that speak on the Data Mining with a theme on Exploring Future Technologies for Data Mining & Analysis.


Date: March 6th - 7th, 2019

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Event: TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Description: A 2-day summit where industry-leading security experts share their knowledge and real-life experiences from the field. Full agenda and speakers will be announced soon.


Date: March 13th - 14th, 2019

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Event: The Industrial IoT Strategies Summit

Description: What are the strategies you need to deploy to ensure you benefit from the transformational changes taking place with Industry 4.0? Prepare for the future at the IIoT Strategies Summit. This important and timely event is an invaluable blend of thought leadership and technical presentations, real-world case study sessions, lively roundtable debates and facilitated 1:1 meetings all set in an amazing 5-star venue.


Date: March 18th - 21st, 2019

Location: Munich, Germany

Event: International Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys)

Description: The Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys 2019) provides an international forum for engineers and scientists in academia, industry, and government to discuss recent innovations in the realm of networked systems. 


Date: March 26th - 27th, 2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event: Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure 4.0

Description: Our new addition to our ICS portfolio will be held in Amsterdam covering key topics ranging from our ICS Thought Leadership community as well as include key additional threat vectors including IOT/IIOT, Data Breaches, No Petya, WannaCry, Medical Device cyber security, Data Centres and Network infrastructure cyber security and much more spanning the breadth of the threat environment across CNI. 


April 2019

Date: April 2nd - 3rd, 2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event: Codemotion Amsterdam

Description: Codemotion is a multitrack tech conference for software developers and IT professionals. 2-day event, 7 parallel stages, 20 topics: Devops/bizOps, Blockchain, Legacy Technologies, AI/Machine learning, IT Careers/ Team Growth, Voice/Visual Search,  Inspirational, Ethical Hacking, GameDev, IoT, Big Data, Front-end, Diversity in tech, Cloud&Serveless, Cybersecurity, Software Architecture,  AR/MR/VR, Design/UX, Bots and Digital Assistant. Come along for unlimited networking opportunities, a glorious afterparty and gadgets!


Date: April 3rd - 5th, 2019

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

Event: COSADE 

Description: The tenth International Workshop on Constructive Side-Channel Analysis and Secure Design will be organized and held by the Technical University of Darmstadt. 

The topics of COSADE 2019 include, but are not limited to: Implementation attacks and exploitations, Secure implementation, Implementation attack-resilient architectures and schemes, Secure design and evaluation.


Date: April 3rd - 5th, 2019

Location: Stockholm, Sweden 

Event: CISO Executive Summit

Description: Join us for the Executive Summit, combining unparalleled networking with peer-driven content and insights from dynamic thought leaders. As the Governing Body, we craft the agenda to address innovative, real-world solutions to our top challenges, from digital transformation to board engagement and keeping the organisation secure — ensuring an invaluable experience for every CIO and CISO who attends.

We bring together the brightest minds in technology through our invitation-only gathering. Walk away enlightened, energized and emboldened to put new ideas to work in your organisation, and to strengthen our role as leaders across all industries.


Date: April 4th - 5th, 2019

Location: Berlin, Germany

Event: Annual IoT - Connected Smart and Vehicles Forum

Description: IoT technologies and services are rapidly transforming the entire landscape of the automotive industry. Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as the axis to direct integration of the physical world into unified cyber-physical systems, improving accuracy, efficiency and efficacy of remotely controlled interconnected devices to sense, collect, analyse and autonomously share data and provide pre-emptive end point assistance with minimal human intervention. Connectivity decisions are the decisive factors in determining value proposition and the supporting business model for connected vehicle services. The increasing demand for connected mobility, supported by the ongoing digital revolution is opening the door to new avenues and services to a wide range of customer experience intelligence. As the auto industry intensely gears up to embrace the revolution ushered in by the suite of technologies provided by IoT, catapulting a technological renaissance, from sensors to artificial intelligence to big-data analysis, we welcome you to come and sense the future of automotive world with at the IoT - Connected Smart Cars and Vehicle Forum.


Date: April 4th - 5th, 2019

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Event: CyberCentral

Description: The CyberCentral Summit brings a mix of technical presentations, strategic case studies, business stories, technical analysis and engaging hands-on workshops accompanied by lots of fun and networking in the heart of Europe.


May 2019

Date: May 1st - 2nd, 2019

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Event: Infosecurity Denmark

Description: The conference program spreads over eight conference halls and deals with: compliance, cybercrime, IoT, awareness, industrial IT security and hacking. Infosecurity Denmark provides a unique insight into the latest IT security challenges at a high professional level. 


Date: May 6th - 10th, 2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event: HITB Security Conference

Description: The 10th Year Anniversary of HITB in The Netherlands taking place at De Beurs van Berlage from the 6th - 10th of May (the conference is on the 9th and 10th).

This is an annual must attend event in the calendars of security researchers and professionals around the world. Held annually, HITBSecConf is a platform for the discussion and dissemination of next generation computer security issues. Our events routinely feature two days of trainings and a two-day multi-track conference featuring cutting-edge hardcore technical talks delivered by some of the most respected names in the computer security industry. 


Date: May 13th - 15th, 2019

Location: Seville, Spain

Event: International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems (CISIS)

Description: The 12th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems aims to offer a meeting opportunity for academic and industry-related researchers belonging to the various, vast communities of Computational Intelligence, Information Security, and Data Mining. The need for intelligent, flexible behaviour by large, complex systems, especially in mission-critical domains, is intended to be the catalyst and the aggregation stimulus for the overall event.


Date: May 14th - 15th, 2019

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Event: DevOpsDays Zurich

Description: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Welcome to the third round of DevOpsDays 2019 which is a worldwide community conference series for anyone interested in IT improvement.


Date: May 14th - 16th, 2019

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Event: ITEC Conference

Description: ITEC is the international forum for the Military Simulation, Training & Education Community. Now in it's 30th year, has been running in different locations throughout Europe.


Date: May 14th - 17th, 2019

Location: Munich, Germany

Event: European Identity & Cloud Conference

Description: The European Identity & Cloud Conference offers a mixture of best practice discussions, visionary presentations, and networking opportunities with a future-oriented community. More than 800 thought leaders, leading vendors, analysts, visionaries, executives, and end-users get together in Munich to be inspired by a list of world-class speakers.

With five parallel tracks, more than 200 international speakers and experts, many Best Practice presentations and 120 hours of relevant content, EIC 2019 provides you with a comprehensive overview of future trends in Internet security as well as practical information about current projects. 


Date: May 21st - 22nd, 2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event: Logistics Cyber Security for Air, Land and Sea

Description: This event will be looking at the cyber security vulnerabilities in the logistics industry across air, land and sea transportation industry. Supply chain cyber security will be a key topic in this discussion as logistics play such a big role in the value chain.


Date: May 21st - 22nd, 2019

Location: Norway, Oslo

Event: Paranoia Oslo

Description: Welcome to Paranoia, one of the Nordic regions largest and most exciting Info Sec conferences. This is the place where you can meet both international and national experts in the field, giving you talks about future scenarios and how you best can prepare for the challenges to come.


June 2019

Date: June 10th - 12th, 2019

Location: Barcelos, Portugal

Event: International Symposium on Digital Forensic and Security (ISDFS)

Description: ISDFS provides a platform for researchers and experts in academia, industry and government to exchange ideas and recent developments in digital forensics and security. After the several successful events, the seventh ISDFS conference will continue to promote and disseminate knowledge concerning several topics and technologies related to Digital Forensics and Security. 

Topics within the scope of the symposium include, but are not limited to, the following areas: Digital Forensics, Data Privacy, Cryptography, Information Security and Computer Science. 


Date: June 13th - 14th, 2019

Location: Rome, Italy

Event: Annual Privacy Forum

Description: Learn from the professionals in the field, get involved in a high level debate, discover the trends for the future and network with key players in privacy and data protection.


Date: June 13th - 14th, 2019

Location: Berlin, Germany

Event: Unchain Bitcoin & Blockchain Convention

Description: UNCHAIN is a 2 day conference featuring the world‘s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs. Our main goal is to connect these experts with leading industrial players from all over the globe - by discussing and exploring the full potential of a decentralized economy. UNCHAIN is more than a convention. We provide inspiring content by also facilitating an eclectic networking environment, in which you can implement and give life to the experienced input.​


Date: June 16th - 20th, 2019

Location: Paris, France

Event: Hack in Paris

Description: After the success of the last event with more than 750 attendees, this 5-day corporate event will be held for the ninth time in France, at the La Maison de la Chimie. Hack In Paris attendees will discover the realities of hacking, and its consequences for companies. The program includes state of the art IT security, industrial espionage, penetration testing, physical security, forensics, malware analysis techniques and countermeasures.


Date: June 17th - 19th, 2019

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Event: IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P)

Description: Since 1980, the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy has been the premier forum for presenting developments in computer security and electronic privacy, and for bringing together researchers and practitioners in the field. Following this story of success, IEEE initiated the European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P), which is organized every year in a European city. The 4th EuroS&P edition will be held on June 17-19, 2019 in Stockholm, at the KTH main campus.


Date: June 18th - 19th, 2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (TBC)

Event: Aviation Cyber Security Summit

Description: The 3rd Cyber Senate Aviation Cyber Security and Resilience Summit will take place on 18th and 19th 2019. This two-day executive forum will include presentations, roundtable working groups and panel sessions.

Together we will address the escalating cyber risk and resilience challenges associated with the adoption and convergence of operational technologies in enterprise facing architecture. Practitioners will gain further insight into how to best respond to evolving cyber threats, the importance of effective risk management throughout the aviation supply chain, innovations in detection and mitigation, configuration management and how can we incorporate resilience into critical control system components and business process.


Date: June 19th - 20th, 2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event: Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Europe 2019

Description: Presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies, the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo will explore the industries currently undergoing, and set to undergo, major disruption. These include financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, government, automotive and more.

Co-located with IoT Tech Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Blockchain Expo, the co-located exhibition provides a fantastic opportunity for networking and learning across the entire ecosystem.


July 2019

Date: July 1st - 3rd, 2019

Location: Lille, France

Event: Pass the SALT

Description: free Security & Free Software conference. Building bridges between Security communities and Free Software hackers! Talks will be about Free Software and Security.
All the talks shall be given in English so as to open the conference to non-French speaking speakers in the most comfortable manner. Additionally, there will be workshops and great networking opportunities! 


Date: July 4th - 5th, 2019

Location: Coimra, Portugal

Event: European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS)

Description: It is now 18 years since the European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS) was established. It has been held in Ireland, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, to mention only a few of the countries which have hosted it. This conference attracts an interesting combination of academic scholars, military personnel, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of the cyber security community. ECCWS is generally attended by participants from more than 30 countries. The Journal of Information Warfare regularly publishes a number of the papers presented at this conference. 


Date: July 6th - 7th, 2019

Location: Paris, France

Event: LeHack

Description: LeHACK is new because it’s its first edition but the people behind it being the same that organized the ‘Nuit du Hack’ event during more than fifteen years. 

The name changes, our values stay the same! LeHACK 2019 is a yearly rendezvous where hackers and afficionados are meeting around with both technical and non-technical talks and workshops about hacking. It is a great place to discover, to learn, to teach and be taught in the magical city of Paris. 


Date: July 9th - 10th, 2019

Location: Dusseldorf, Germany

Event: 5th VDI Conference - Cyber Security for Vehicles

Description: Digitization is stopping at nothing- Not even the automotive Industry. Like in many other industries these developments offer great opportunities to OEMS, suppliers and of course to the end users. Connecting the car with its environment or with other road users share the goals of enhancing the safety of mobility, improving traffic efficiency and satisfying the need for convenience. Nevertheless connected cars, the Internet of Things, digital services or the energy turnaround are unthinkable without maximum cyber security. We have to find ways to secure the driver in his personalized car and make sure that he won’t be exposed to the greatest risks which could mean being hacked. 


Date: July 16th - 20th, 2019

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Event: Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS)

Description: The annual Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS) brings together privacy experts from around the world to present and discuss recent advances and new perspectives on research in privacy technologies. PETS/PoPETs is the premier venue for novel applied and/or theoretical research into the design, analysis, experimentation, or fielding of privacy-enhancing technologies.


Date: July 26th - 28th, 2019

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Event: SECRYPT 2019

Description: SECRYPT is an annual international conference covering research in information and communication security. The 16th International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT 2019) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 26-28 July 2019. The conference seeks submissions from academia, industry, and government presenting novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of data protection, privacy, security, and cryptography. Papers describing the application of security technology, the implementation of systems, and lessons learned are also encouraged. Papers describing new methods or technologies, advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques and vision papers indicating future directions are also encouraged.


August 2019

No events announced for August 2019 just yet. They will be added once announced, so check back soon!


September 2019

Date: September 2nd - 5th, 2019

Location: Kongsberg, Norway

Event: NDC Security - TechTown

Description: Since its start-up in Oslo 2008, the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) quickly became one of Europe`s largest conferences for .NET & Agile development. Today NDC Conferences are 5-day events with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference sessions.


Date: September 9th - 12th, 2019

Location: Strasbourg, France

Event: SPIE - Security + Defence

Description: The event for engineers, scientists, programme managers and policy makers for the latest developments in sensing, data and signal analysis, optronics, quantum science, optical technologies, and funding programmes. 


Date: September 19th - 20th, 2019

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Event: SEC-T - 0x0Compute

Description: SEC-T is an affordable, non-profit, English speaking, two day, single track information security/hacking conference taking place in late summer every year in Stockholm, Sweden. At SEC-T we focus on providing our audience with high quality talks and in depth “Q&A” with speakers. SEC-T is a conference where you can feel safe from sales pitches and marketing presentations as we have a large focus on our speakers research and first person accounts. SEC-T is also a conference that opts to pay its speakers.


Date: September 22nd - 24th, 2019

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event: International Conference on Communication and Network Technology (ICCNT)

Description: This event aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from both the industry and the academia to share their newest research findings and results.

ICCNT is also The Annual Meeting of IJCCE Editorial Board, so it also serves to bring authors and editors of IJCCE together to communciate face to face and discuss chances for possible cooperation and future development of IJCCE. 


October 2019

Date: October 21st - 24th, 2019

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Description: CS3STHLM – the Stockholm international summit on Cyber Security in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems - is an annual summit that gather the most important stakeholders across critical processes and industries. CS3STHLM has been organized since 2014, and has quickly become the premier ICS Security Summit in Northern Europe. 


Date: October 9th - 10th, 2019

Location: London, England

Event: IP EXPO Europe - Cyber Security X

Description: Stay ahead of the hackers at Cyber Security X. In the new world of organised cybercrime, it’s not a question of whether your systems will be breached – but when. Cyber Security X, part of Digital Transformation EXPO offers expert insight and solutions to help you protect your business, and your customers, from a cyber-attack.


Date: October 29th - 30th, 2019

Location: Krakow, Poland

Event: European CYBERSEC 2019 Forum

Description: CYBERSEC Forum 2019 is an unique opportunity to meet and discuss the current issues of cyber disruption and ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity related threats. Our mission is to foster the building of an Europe-wide cybersecurity system and to create a dedicated, collaborative platform for the governments, international organisations and key private sector companies. CYBERSEC Forum gives a chance to invent, discuss and leverage practical and innovative solutions for contemporary innovation-driven, digital economy. Four dedicated streams will help to define trends, enhance cybersecurity potential and catalyse innovation.


November 2019

Date: November 5th - 6th, 2019

Location: London, England

Event: Aviation Cyber Security Summit London UK

Description: Now in its 3rd year, the Cyber Senate has added an additional opportunity for Aviation Cyber Security professionals to meet this June in Amsterdam on the 18th and 19th. This two-day executive forum will include presentations, roundtable working groups and panel sessions. Practitioners will gain further insight into how to best respond to evolving cyber threats, the importance of effective risk management throughout the aviation supply chain, innovations in detection and mitigation, configuration management and how can we incorporate resilience into critical control system components and business process.


December 2019

No events announced for December 2019 just yet. They will be added once announced, so check back soon!


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