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Post Interview Client Q&A

Post Interview Client Q&A

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What do you look for when assessing first impressions?

A positive approach. Firm handshake, smiling and natural. When people try too hard it makes it more difficult for them to settle in to the meeting and for us to get a feel for who they really are.

What tends to be the first three questions that you ask a candidate at interview?

It depends. If I meet them at our reception area, the first three questions may be related to their journey, how their day is going or the weather!

When we are in the interview room, I normally qualify what people know about the position so that I can fill in the gaps and give a detailed understanding of the position.

What criteria is most important to you when interviewing for your team?

Honesty. Knowing where your gaps are helps me to get a better understanding of how quickly we can develop them. Being upfront about them also creates trust early on. I wouldn’t expect someone to undersell themselves or create unnecessary concerns, but it is better for us all in the long term if both sides are honest.

Have you ever finished an interview early? If yes, why?

Yes, a couple of times for different reasons. On one occasion the candidate made it clear that working for us would depend upon the salary that we offered. I understand that this is a big motivator for some people when changing jobs, but after 40 minutes I was hoping that the candidate would have identified more reasons for wanting to join us.

We occasionally have candidates that arrive late or very late for meetings reducing the time we can spend with them. These things happen and normally the candidates call ahead to let us know – which is always well received. I once had an individual arrive 45 minutes late for a meeting, without an apology! He didn’t get the job.

What advice would you give to somebody attending an interview?

Preparation is key. If you feel prepared you will be more confident and show your strongest skills. Arriving early is also important as nobody wants to be rushing in to an interviewing and not performing at their best.

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