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Hiring Tips


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In each edition, we will share tips and insights on how to build a comprehensive understanding of the individual that you are interviewing, while drawing out the intelligence that you require to make informed decisions. We will provide market insights and reveal interviewee experiences to provide greater detail on the journey that candidates go though when interviewing for a new position. Continue reading to review our time saving tips for identifying talent for your team.

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Hiring Tips:

In today’s market, the number of emerging vacancies is vastly outgrowing the number of skilled professionals; making the market highly competitive and giving candidates more choices than ever before.

Here are a few simple areas to consider when trying to keep ahead of your competition:

  • Reviewing CV’s. During the recruitment process, the largest amount of errors are made when reviewing CV's. Candidates don't always articulate their experiences in the most efficient manner and busy hiring managers can often judge a CV or profile in between tasks while only focusing on the obvious. Cross reference the candidate on LinkedIn or other social sites and gather more information from your recruitment consultant if you are unclear on any aspects - chances are, they will have the information you are seeking. Finally, be midful than an application to you probably means that other applications have been made. Dismissing a CV or profile because it does not contain key buzz words or is too short, can play into the hands of your competition. 
  • Speed is key. We don’t want to rush the process; however good candidates will have several options once they start the process of reviewing their career. Providing prompt feedback on CV’s and maintaining momentum through the process is vital. Maintain clear feedback and communication throughout; including timescales for the next stages, who they will be meeting with and how they have performed up until now. Understand what other opportunities your interviewee is reviewing, how they compare and the timescales that they are working to so that you can align your process accordingly if required.
  • Research the person that you are meeting. They will invariably conduct research on you and your company, so why don’t you do the same? Understand who your common connections are on LinkedIn along with any common companies, groups, education institutions and interests. Other social media platforms can also be very insightful. Identifying interests and social traits can provide information on suitability for the position, team and project. Or could simply be a useful topic if there is common ground and interests.
  • Selling the opportunity. In competitive niche markets, providing candidates with a clear understanding of your vision and key reasons to join your team is essential. Don’t rely upon your reputation or brand as this will not be the key motivator for everybody. Take the time to understand what is important to them and to ‘sell’ the benefits of joining your team. Getting to know you and your plans will be vital for standing you apart from your competition.
  • Final impressions. Ensure that every candidate has a good experience. Whether providing feedback on a CV, meeting an individual or accelerating them through a hiring process; in niche markets, candidates will share their experiences with other similarly skilled professionals. As an indirect marketing channel, they are vital to how you are viewed amongst their peers, so it is vital that they can take positive elements from the process irrespective of the outcome.

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