Cyber Security Market Insights A Global Overview
over 4 years ago by Paul Marks

Cyber Security Market Insights: A Global Overview

Cyber Security Market Insights A Global Overview

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Our market insights report highlights the ever advancing threats and the challenges facing decision makers and organisations looking to attract and retain talent. It also focusses on where they are turning to in order to unearth the next cyber security stars.

Global Cyber Spend and Recruitment Outlook

2018 State of Cyber Resilience

Global intelligence shows that concerns are gradually being addressed, however there is a long road ahead when planning against current and future threats. 

How are Organisations Recruiting Cyber Talent?

87% of cyber security professionals did not start in cyber security, but rather in another career. While many moved to cybersecurity from a related field, many professionals worldwide arrived from a non-IT background.

Globally, 33% of executives and C-Suite professionals began in a previous non-technical career

Previous non-technical careers, including business, marketing, finance, accounting, or military and defence account for 33% of executives and C-Suite professionals in cyber security. 

This also highlights the need for organisations to partner with specialist recruitment companies when recruiting for experienced professionals. Specialist companies will provide access to exclusive talent, with 95% of organisations reporting a significantly reduced time to hire and on-boarding process when working with a specialist recruitment company. 


Global Cyber Concerns

Globally, data exposure is the top concern for information security professionals, regardless of their geographic location. There are, however, some regional discrepancies when considering other key threats.

Data exfiltration is a top worry in North America and APAC, however, in LATAM and Europe, ransomware is a top concern. In the Middle East & Africa, the broad act of hacking is identified as a primary concern, possibly suggesting professionals here are being affected by a broad set of motivations and outcomes.


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